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The Flashing Webpages ➝

Elliot Clowes:

I’ve noticed more and more websites now only loading images on a page when you scroll to down to them. It’s called ‘Lazy Loading‘ and I hate it. I’m all for saving bandwidth and improving page loading times but this trend is incredibly annoying.

I completely understand why web developers choose to use lazy loading on their sites, it’s heavily encouraged by Google in their Page Speed Insights tool and is commonly suggested in online guides as a way to improve load times. But using lazy loading is often times exactly as its name suggests — lazy. It doesn’t lead to a good experience for site visitors and doesn’t actually accomplish what should be the end goal — sensibly sized web pages that load fast.

The problem is that the right way to do things isn’t easy. The task of properly sizing and optimizing images is tedious. And it’s often difficult to know what can safely be cut from your design without being a detriment to the site. But those time consuming and difficult tasks are really what needs to be done, not simply enabling lazy loading.

➝ Source: imlefthanded.com