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Kotoba for iOS ➝

Upon John Gruber’s recommendation, I finally got around to installing Kotoba on my iPhone. I originally asked what his “go to” dictionary app was to see if he had switched to anything else — since he first wrote about Kotoba about seven months ago.

The app has been rejected from the App Store because developers aren’t allowed to build dictionary apps with the system’s built-in dictionary. So I updated to the latest version of Xcode, renewed my Apple Developer account, and installed Kotoba on my iPhone.

It really is the best dictionary app on the platform. It’s fast, offers excellent definitions, and isn’t filled with a bunch of unnecessary features. My only complaint is that it isn’t optimized for iPad display sizes. I guess that means I’m stuck using Terminology there instead. Not to say that Terminology is a bad app, just that Kotoba is just that darn good.