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Ken Segall on the iPhone 5c ➝

I’m still not convinced that the iPhone 5c is a failure. I see more of them in public than I do any non-Samsung android phone (which may or may not be considered a good thing). But, I do think it’s worth noting that the type of buyers that are likely to want an iPhone 5c don’t usually buy the newest iPhone. It’s still entirely possible that the iPhone 5c will see success later in its lifespan once buyers have time to warm up to it.

“2011 Probably isn’t the Year They Should Be Aiming For” ➝

Ken Segall:

So, for you marketing enthusiasts, here’s my JCP story. It’s loaded with the things we love about this business: drama, crushed dreams, out-of-control egos and unintentional comedy.

I truly believe Ron Johnson was on course to fix JCPenney. He was ousted too soon and the company has gone back to their old, destructive ways. Ken’s recounting of the timeline  between 2011 and now is the most informative writing I’ve seen on the subject.