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Free up Space on Your iOS Device by Trying to Download a Movie ➝

Keir Thomas:

Put simply, renting a title larger than the remaining capacity on your device forces iOS to use a hitherto undisclosed clean-up routine, thereby freeing-up space. Even if the download is way too big, it’ll still try to free-up space.

I wish iOS was more clear about what was being deleted during this process. I assume it’s just unnecessary cache files, but I haven’t been able to find a source that explains exactly what the process is doing.

I will add, though, that this trick works when trying to download a previously purchased movie, too. As long as the file is larger than the device’s available free space, it will run the cleanup process. I tried it out on my fiancée’s 16GB iPhone 5s and was able to free up about 600MB of storage.

(Via The Loop.)

Run Windows 10 on your Mac for Free ➝

Keir Thomas:

Having a Windows installation at hand is always useful for those rare instances when OS X can’t meet your needs. But what if I told you that you can get Windows 10 on your Mac, entirely for free, direct from Microsoft, and with Microsoft’s blessing?

This is a great tip. Especially for web developers that would like to test their sites on Windows browsers.