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Stop Sherlocking Yourself ➝

Justin Williams:

My first OS X app was a todo list. My second a calendaring app. My main product on iOS has been a Markdown text editor since 2010. In my defense, the text editor market in 2010 was wide open. Today, I wouldn’t even consider trying to enter the market unless I was completely confident that I was building something that was lightyears ahead of the best product already in the market.

Make whatever app you want. But if you’re making a product in a crowded market, it better be something that stands out from the other apps available.

Fixing Your Platform In Post ➝

Justin Williams:

To make a dent in Apple’s market lead, Google, Microsoft, Blackberry and HP (eventually) need to focus less on the hardware specs or openness of their platform, and more on getting software updates to their existing user base on a regular basis.

Software updates are the key to success. Give existing users new features and they’ll come back when it’s time to buy a new device.