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Media Temple Brand Retiring ➝

Joseph Palumbo:

For the past 24 years, Media Temple dedicated itself to serving the needs of the digital creative community. Thus, our mantra—for creatives, by creatives.  This mantra led to our decision that now is the time to retire the Media Temple brand and fully integrate into GoDaddy.

I signed up for Media Temple in 2009, mostly due to the influence of Shawn Blanc and Shaun Inman. Back when Media Temple was first acquired by GoDaddy, I was pretty happy to stick around. But once web browsers became a bit more hostile toward sites without SSL certificates, I moved to SiteGround.

I was still pretty happy with Media Temple overall, but they didn’t offer free SSL certificates or an easy way to integrate with services like Let’s Encrypt. I haven’t been on Media Temple in about two years and I knew this would happen eventually, but it’s still sad to see a service retiring that I had such a fondness for.

➝ Source: mediatemple.net