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Jonathan Rosenberg’s ‘Meaning of Open’ ➝

Google senior VP of product management, Jonathan Rosenberg sent an email to Google employees that was recently published on Google’s official weblog.

John Gruber regarding Rosenberg’s memo:

Basically, he’s spewed 4,000 words to say that “open” is always good and always wins, Google is always open, therefore Google is always good and will always win. And please don’t worry your pretty little minds about things like Google’s search or ad algorithms or the specific details of how its data centers work, all of which things Google could not possibly be more secretive about. Because if you think about these things, you’ll see that Google isn’t open at all about certain financially lucrative areas where it has built huge technical advantages over its competitors, and that’s not possible, because Google is always open.

Rosenberg’s memo makes me think twice about whether or not I should be using any of Google’s services. I have no problem with a company being closed (Apple is a great example of this) but I do have a problem with that company misleading the public into believing that they are open.