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Samsung Accelerating Launch of Next-Generation Galaxy Note ➝

Jonathan Cheng, writing for the Wall Street Journal:

In a break with recent tradition, Samsung Electronics Co. will move up the autumn launch of its oversize smartphone lineup by several weeks to mid-August, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The South Korean company’s move is part of a bid to give its Galaxy Note smartphone-tablet hybrids some breathing room before mid-September, when Apple Inc. typically unveils its refreshed iPhone—a product whose popularity has the potential to monopolize media and consumer attention for weeks.

What segment of the market do Android handset manufacturers go to now that Apple is dominating the profits in large-screened phones? The only other place to go is the low-end, but there isn’t much money to be made there and it definitely doesn’t come with the same type of prestige as the high-end of the market does.