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Google Reverses ‘Mic Drop’ April Fools’ Day Prank ➝

Jon Russell, writing for TechCrunch, about Google’s “hilarious” Gmail prank which inserted an animated GIF of a Minion dropping a microphone into emails:

Sounds fun in theory, sure, but when your email service has more than one billion active users, many of whom rely on it for business and professional communication, then things can get a little dicey. (Importantly, the feature does not appear to be enabled for Google Apps customers who pay to use Google’s business suite, which includes corporate email, but others who use the regular service did have it.)

Then, the button placement was problematic. Google substituted “send and archive” — which many people use habitually and click on without a second thought — for ‘MicDrop,’ making it a recipe for disaster for many.

I hope Google has finally learned their lesson and ends this insanity once and for all.