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iPod Touch with Capacitive Home Button ➝

John Biggs regarding “leaked” photos that CrunchGear received depicting an iPod touch with a capacitive home button:

Although I’m tending towards skepticism on this one, it could be that these blurry-cam photos of a potential iPod Touch with non-physical home button show an example of some sort of aborted trunk on the iPod Touch family tree with to a seamless, button-free face. Talking heads have been touting this button-free model for a while now and so these images lend credence to that direction in Apple iPod/iPhone trade dress.

I have no doubt that Apple has built prototypes of a home button-less iPod touch — at the very least, to test it out — but I don’t think Apple would ever release such a device. As John Gruber put it: “people love the home button.”

Fake Apple Tablet Screenshots ➝

iPad Screenshot 1

John Biggs of CrunchGear has published several images purported to be of the Apple tablet, which they are calling “the iPad.” Their source claims that they are very early screenshots of the tablet. I don’t think that these are real but we won’t know for sure until Apple has enough time to send (or not send) a cease and desist.

I’ve added all of the screenshots to a gallery below just in case they get taken down (which they probably won’t).

Steve Jobs Has Been Focusing on the Tablet
8/13/09: Brian Lam Talks to Insider About Apple Tablet
7/25/09: Apple Tablet May Come in Early 2010

Update 8/26/09: I have several observations after looking through these images again.

  • It’s odd that the keyboard would be labeled “Keyboard.”
  • All of the fonts look a little off.
  • The rounded edges on the boxes containing text doesn’t fit with Apple current design conventions seen on the Apple TV.
  • With no video being displayed the playback controls indicate that it is about half way through a video.

This is obviously fake, and not a very good one at that.

Update 8/30/09: Brooke Crothers of CNET claims to have talked to an industry analyst who has seen the Apple tablet and says that “the MacBook Air has some of the aesthetic qualities of the tablet.”

Update 9/17/09: Another Report on the Apple Tablet

Update 10/7/09: Apple Tablet Coming in Q1 2010

Update 12/8/09: ‘TabletMac’ Trademark and Apple Tablet Pricing

Update 12/28/09: Apple Tablet May be Announced in January

Update 1/6/10: Apple May Ship Tablet in March