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What the Right to Repair Is All About ➝

A great overview of the right to repair movement from Joanna Stern, featuring Louis Rossmann of Rossmann Repair Group.

➝ Source: m.youtube.com

Laptop Webcams Are All Pretty Bad ➝

I don’t expect the video quality on my MacBook’s webcam to match that of the iPhone 11 Pro, especially since the majority of the time it’s going to be compressed by a video conferencing app and sent over the web. But I sure hope Apple is listening on this — the camera component should be a lot better than it is.

➝ Source: wsj.com

Apple Slashes USB-C Dongle Pricing Following MacBook Pro Backlash ➝

Joanna Stern, reporting for the Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc. announced Friday it will significantly cut the prices of the USB-C adapters it sells in its stores, following backlash to the lack of full-size USB, SD card or HDMI ports in the new line of MacBook Pro laptops. […]

Among the price cuts, the much needed $19 USB-C to USB adapter will now cost $9. The $69 USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter drops to $49. And a 1-meter USB-C to Lightning cable—the only direct way to connect an iPhone to a new MacBook—drops from $25 to $19, the same price as a standard USB to Lightning cable.

Remember when Apple dropped the original iPhone’s price by $200 just a couple months after release? That was weird.