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JCPenney Resurrects Its Catalog ➝

With this, JCPenney has veered as far away from Ron Johnson’s vision for the company as they possibly could. I still believe Johnson would have turned the company around given enough time, but I suppose the shareholders were more interested in quick gains than long term value — they’d rather have a catalog business and half renovated stores now, than the coolest store in the mall later.

The new catalogs will begin shipping to select customers in March focusing on former home department shoppers.

Trust in Your Imagination and Instinct ➝

Ron Johnson has a wonderful conversation at Stanford in which he talks about getting his start in retail, working with Steve Jobs, and his time at JCPenney.

“2011 Probably isn’t the Year They Should Be Aiming For” ➝

Ken Segall:

So, for you marketing enthusiasts, here’s my JCP story. It’s loaded with the things we love about this business: drama, crushed dreams, out-of-control egos and unintentional comedy.

I truly believe Ron Johnson was on course to fix JCPenney. He was ousted too soon and the company has gone back to their old, destructive ways. Ken’s recounting of the timeline  between 2011 and now is the most informative writing I’ve seen on the subject.