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ActivityPub Performance Tweaks for WordPress ➝

Jan Boddez:

Some things to consider when enabling ActivityPub on a self-hosted WordPress install.

Rather than, say, RSS feeds, ActivityPub is push-based, at least in part. (Yes, I know about WebSub, but let’s continue.)

As a result, your server will be reaching out to, possibly, a whole lot of other servers whenever you publish new content.

On top of that, whenever one of your posts gets “boosted,” a whole lot of other servers may try and fetch (or GET) that post’s JSON representation.

If, like me, you’re on a smallish VPS or shared hosting package, you will almost certainly see a performance hit (or worse).

I’ve considered implementing ActivityPub here on Initial Charge, but don’t want to worry about the performance implications and am unsure of whether it would be a hinderance to discoverability.

I’m just cross-posting headlines to a Mastodon account for now. But if I decide to go the native ActivityPub route in WordPress, I’m sure these suggestions from Jan will be helpful.

➝ Source: jan.boddez.net