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Adblock Plus Has Already Defeated Facebook’s Ad Blocking Restrictions ➝

Jacob Kastrenakes, writing for The Verge:

Facebook’s plan to stop ad blockers has already been foiled. Adblock Plus has found a way to strip ads from Facebook, even when they’re served up in Facebook’s new ad blocker-proof format. Anyone with a fully updated version of Adblock Plus should once again be able to avoid ads in Facebook’s sidebar and News Feed.

Let the game of cat and mouse begin.

Audible Launches a Subscription Podcast Network ➝

Jacob Kastrenakes, writing for The Verge:

Audible is expanding outside of audiobooks in a big way. It’s launching a new service today called Channels, which offers short-form news and podcasts for people who’d rather not listen slowly through an entire book.

Channels will include spoken recordings of news from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and, of course, Audible’s not-quite-step-sibling, The Washington Post, among others. There will also be more entertaining content, featuring everything from standup comedy and Onion articles to horror, sports, and celebrity channels.

Audible is also building out a selection of exclusive podcasts and shows, with perhaps the most notable being a new series from Dan Savage. Other original programming will launch at a later date and include talk shows and journalistic investigations.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, large companies will be entering the podcasting market in an effort to get a piece of the pie.

Amazon Debuts 13 New TV Show Pilots ➝

Jacob Kastrenakes, reporting for The Verge:

Amazon is debuting its next set of TV pilots for viewers to watch and vote on. As usual, there are a lot of options here and a lot of big names. […] Amazon is also debuting six pilots for children’s series. This is an area that Netflix has been moving into in a strong way, too, as it’s an obvious genre to jump into to make these services more appealing to parents of young kids.

What to Expect from Apple at WWDC 2014 ➝

The Verge’s Jacob Kastrenakes runs down what to expect from tomorrows WWDC keynote. I’ll only be able to watch the first 30-45 minutes of tomorrow’s keynote (which Apple is live streaming this year). But, I’m excited to see what Apple has in store. I’m ready for Apple to give us some new software to play around with.