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Comparing Mac and Windows Laptops ➝

Jack Wellborn:

Wirecutter’s exclusion of MacBooks from a category that is effectively “best laptop” is the latest bit of evidence in a recent trend I’ve noticed wherein reviewers have inexplicably stopped comparing Wintel laptops to Apple’s MacBooks. Compare ArsTechnica’s review of the Surface Laptop Go 2 from this month to their review of the Surface Book 2 from 2017. The current review only includes other Wintel laptops in benchmarks whereas the one from 2017 included that year’s MacBook.

I have two hunches on why this is happening:

  • The butterfly keyboards were so unbelievably bad that they tarnished Apple’s reputation with reviewers.
  • You can’t use Boot Camp to install Windows on Apple Silicon.

I think these two factors alone has pushed Apple out of the “general laptop” category and into its own category where you’re only comparing Apple laptops to other Apple laptops.

➝ Source: wormsandviruses.com