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The Nano and Shuffle Discontinuation

As you may have heard, Apple quietly discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle yesterday. The move wasn’t done alongside a press release or a statement, Instead, Apple simply removed the items from their online store. And people noticed. The news was later confirmed by Business Insider, who received confirmation from Apple that the Nano and Shuffle were, indeed, discontinued.

The Nano and Shuffle will still be available in some retail stores while supplies last, but this news leaves the iPod Touch as the only “iPod” branded product in Apple’s lineup. You’ll get more storage for your money with the iPod Touch today, though. Apple has increased storage capacities on the two models — 32GB for $199 and 128GB for $299.

The first-generation iPod Nano was the first Apple product I ever owned. I received it as a Christmas gift in 2005 and it marked a turning point in my computing life. Prior to owning the iPod, I was a dedicated PC enthusiast. I was enthralled by graphics cards, motherboards, processors, and all other forms of computer components. All I wanted to do was build computers and set them up. But the iPod changed that.

The iPod Nano acted as the halo product that everyone claimed it to be. From the moment I connected the iPod Nano to my PC and configured it in iTunes, I was hooked. I had never interacted with a device that was so easy to use and fun to manage. Nothing felt like a chore. Once I had my sync settings just right, I could connect the iPod once a day and all of my new music and podcasts would automatically transfer. It was like magic.

The iPod Nano allowed me to dip my toes in the water before jumping in the following year by purchasing a MacBook for college. If it wasn’t for the iPod Nano, I might never have fallen in love with Apple design aesthetics and acquired a dozen or so Apple devices over the past twelve years.

I can imagine my story is no different from millions of others who first realized how great computing devices could be when they purchased an iPod. But it’s time to put the Nano and Shuffle out to pasture. The smartphone, being The One Device that it is, has completely obliterated the dedicated music player market. The Nano and Shuffle served their roles well, but there’s no reason to sell a single-purpose device when the iPhone can do everything the iPod could, and more.

Pour one out for two of the best halo products Apple ever had.

The New iPod nano ➝

I think it’s interesting that their tagline is “completely renanoed.” Part of me feels like the previous “watch-face” nano wasn’t well received and they decided to go with a design that’s more like the older iPod nano. I’ve also fell in love with the volume clicker on the side of the new nano that has a button in the center that functions like the clicker on Apple’s earbuds, it’s quite clever.

Nokia Design Stolen by New iPod nano? ➝

And here I was thinking that Nokia stole their Lumia design from the second-, fourth-, and fifth-generation iPod nano.

Apparently if you add a touchscreen and increase the size of the display, it’s a brand new design.

Photo Shows Alleged Next-Generation iPod nano with Camera ➝

Neil Hughes reporting for AppleInsider:

Crediting a source named “Ray” from California, [tw.apple.pro] suggests that the next iPod nano will not include a clip as the current model does. Placing a clip on the back of the device would cover the camera lens on the supposed device.

A camera on a device with such a small screen doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. But, many of the early digital cameras didn’t have screens much bigger than this.

And, regarding the removal of the clip: simply stupid.

iPod nano

Although the iPod nano is no longer Apple’s best selling iPod, Apple didn’t hold back with this latest refresh. The new iPod nano sports a brand new design with a 1.7-inch multi-touch display and a clip on its back.

The new iPod nano has a new user interface that will be familiar to those who’ve used an iOS device. It doesn’t actually run iOS, but Apple has certainly done a good job emulating the iOS ascetic on the old embedded iPod OS.

The home screens display four icons each and are arrangeable, just as you would on an iOS device, simply tap and hold until the icons jiggle, drag them around until they’re ordered as you’d like, and press the lock button to lock them in. Tap and hold on most screens brings you to the home screen. Single tapping on the album covering in the now playing screen brings up your audio controls and there are VoiceOver commands if you’d rather tell your device what to do. The iPad nano’s screen can be rotated to any orientation, just use two fingers to rotate it.

There’s no home screen button and no lock screen, instead just a single lock/power button and two volume buttons along the top. The 30-pin dock connector is still there and yet they’ve managed to shrink the device to nearly half the previous generation’s size and weight.

Apple has done away with video support. No more video camera or video playback of any kind. This may just be a way of pushing customers toward the more expensive iPod touch but I doubt most iPod nano owners ever watched video on their device anyway.

The nano does still have FM radio support which was a big selling point of the previous generation. There’s Nike+ support and even a pedometer to keep track of your steps.

This revision to the iPod nano is clearly about simplifying the device and brings the nano back to its core feature-set. Music is its primary function and you can see that with every decision Apple made.

Apple did a great job with this update and I think the new form factor was well worth the loss of features. For the kind of buyer who would have purchased an iPod nano before, this refresh will only give them more reasons to make the purchase.

The iPod nano is priced at $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB. It’s available in seven colors and is available for pre-order today.

Apple Holding Media Event September 1

Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop that Apple will be holding a special media event on September 1 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California.

Historically Apple has held events in September to announce new iPods and other music-related products. And make no mistake, there has been no lack of rumors since invitations went out just a few days ago.

Although the guitar image in the invitation implies that music will be the focus of the event, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of a “one more thing” announcement at the end of the event unveiling a new Apple TV. This seems even more likely when you consider the numerous reports of a new $1-per-episode price point in iTunes for TV shows.

Cult of Mac’s Leander Kahney claims that someone with connections inside Apple has told them that Apple will be announcing $1 TV shows soon, likely at this upcoming event. But instead of $1 per episode, that fee would give you access to the entire catalog of a given TV show. E.g. pay $1 per month for the Office and have access to all of the shows episodes as long as you continue to pay the fee.

Cult of Mac’s information doesn’t jibe with Bloomberg’s reports of $0.99 TV show rentals with 48 hour viewing windows. I suppose we’ll have to wait until Wednesday for more information, unless somebody leaks it early.

Apple’s iPod announcements haven’t been left out of the rumor mill, though. Jeremy Horowitz reports in iLounge that The fourth-generation iPod touch will lose the dome shaped back and go back to one that looks more like the first-generation iPod touch’s back. He has heard that the rear-facing camera will be there and that the iPod touch will likely have a microphone and not a camera flash.

There have also been rumors of a much smaller iPod nano that would use that 1.7-inch touchscreen that was floating around last month. iLounge has published images of, what are claimed to be, cases for the next-generation iPod touch and iPod nano. Adding more credence to the rumor, Neil Hughes and Kasper Jade report on AppleInsider that the iPod nano will be shrunken to a size more similar to the iPod shuffle’s size but will retain its 30-pin dock connector.

In the aforementioned AppleInsider piece they also mention the possibility of a new iLife suite the the potential for a 3G-capable iPod touch. Like I said, there is no lack of rumors. There’s even rumors of an iTunes update that will add more social features.

But just like most other Apple events, it is highly unlikely that all of the rumors will be incorporated at this event. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on an iPod touch with FaceTime, a new iPod nano that will use that 1.7-inch touchscreen, some sort of $1 price point for TV shows, a new iOS based Apple TV, and iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch (not iPad).

Unfortunately, I have to work on the day of the event so I won’t be able to follow along at home as I usually do. But if a $99 Apple TV is announced, I’ll come home with credit card in-hand to place my order.

Amazon’s Apple Store ➝

Apple Black Friday
Apple’s one-day sale has hit the US store. There you can get great deals on iPods, like the iPod nano starting at $138 or the iPod touch starting at $178. You can get great deals on Macs too, with the MacBook Pro starting at $1,098 or the iMac starting at $1,098. There’s also deals on the Apple TV, Time Capsule, and a whole slew of Mac accessories.

But, why would you buy from the Apple store when you could get a better deal at Amazon?

Amazon’s Apple store currently has the MacBook Pro for $1,049, the iPod nano for $134.99, and the new MacBook for $884.98. Shop from this link (for anything on Amazon) and I’ll get a kickback.

Apple’s One-Day Shopping Event

The New iPod Lineup

At yesterday’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” event Apple announced a completely refreshed lineup of iPods.

iPod shuffle

The form factor of the iPod shuffle has remained unchanged but it now comes in 2GB and 4GB varieties and is priced at $59 for the low end model. Apple is also offering the iPod shuffle in colors, alongside the standard silver and black there is pink, green, and blue.

A “special edition” iPod shuffle that is made out of polished stainless steel and comes with 4GB of storage is available for $99 exclusively from Apple.

iPod classic

Same form factor as before, but now with 160GB of storage for $249. Although there were rumors that the iPod classic would be discontinued I have a feeling that Apple will keep it around for at least one more hardware refresh (as long as the price of flash memory doesn’t plummet).

iPod touch

Apple is now positioning the iPod touch as a competitor to the Nintendo DS and the PSP. They started marketing it as such last year but Apple has started really kicking it into high gear. Except for the low end 8GB model the iPod touch is gaining OpenGL ES 2.0 support and the faster processor that the iPhone 3GS has.

The new pricing is $199 for 8GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB.

A camera is surprisingly missing from the iPod touch. It seems that HardMac‘s technical difficulties rumor may be true, especially since both iPodNN and AppleInsider claim that a camera is still coming to the iPod touch. Unless you need an iPod touch right now, I’d suggest waiting a little while.

iPod nano

The iPod nano was the biggest hardware announcement of the event. Apple managed to pack a video camera (no still images)  into the iPod nano while maintaining its previous generation’s form factor, but now it is made out of polished anodized aluminum. To complement the video camera the iPod nano has an integrated microphone, a speaker, and  a larger 2.2-inch display.

For the first time ever the iPod nano has a built in FM tuner. The radio has a TiVo-like live pause function that saves up to 15 minutes of music. Song names are displayed on the screen (as long as your radio station broadcasts that data) and you can tag songs you hear for identification purposes in iTunes when you’re back at your computer.

Other notable features:

  • VoiceOver
  • Genius Mixes
  • Voice Recorder
  • Built in pedometer to sync with Nike+

The new iPod nano is priced at $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB.

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