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MMS Coming to the iPhone September 25 ➝

AT&T has confirmed that MMS will be coming to the iPhone 3G and 3GS on September 25.

We’ve been working for the past several months to prepare our systems and network to ensure the best possible experience with MMS when it launches – and that launch date is: September 25 for iPhone 3G and 3GS customers. MMS will be enabled through a software update on that day.

There’s still no word on tethering but the announcement goes on to talk about the massive increase in data usage on AT&T’s network since the launch of the iPhone (350% year-over-year). With how long it took AT&T to “prepare” for MMS, they don’t make me feel like tethering is coming any time soon.

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Update 9/6/09: YouTube – AT&T Network 101 & MMS Availability Update

Update 9/9/09: In another attempt to improve their network, AT&T has announced their rollout plans for 7.2Mbps 3G service.

Update 9/13/09: There have been several reports (MobileCrunch, HowardForums, and Mediaite) that AT&T has already began rolling out MMS to some iPhone users. For what it’s worth, I don’t have it yet and haven’t spoken with anyone who has.

Update 9/23/09: From AT&T’s Facebook page:

MMS Update: We know you’ve been eager for this service so we wanted to offer a quick update on the launch plans for MMS on Friday, Sept. 25. Late morning, Pacific Time, on Friday, the new carrier settings update enabling MMS should be live and ready to download through iTunes. We’ll provide the steps and all of the details you need right here at that time.

Update 10/16/09: iPhone Tethering May be a 2010 Thing

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8GB iPhone 3GS Likely Coming Soon ➝

Rogers' Sales Central, 8GB iPhone 3GS

As I predicted before WWDC, it is very possible that Apple will soon be replacing the 8GB iPhone 3G in favor of an 8GB iPhone 3GS. At least based on a recent findings by Gizmodo.

Rumors have been brewing for a while but Gizmodo was recently sent an image of “Sales Central,” Rogers’ internal website, depicting an 8GB iPhone 3GS.

The Rogers employee added this when sending the image:

I think that when 3G stock runs out they are going to build 99$ 3GSs since those are the parts they are ordering, might as well keep the parts list minimal…

A former Rogers employee also added the following:

Being a former Rogers employee I can say that this is enough evidence to say that 8GB 3GS is coming for sure. Sales Central is the interal website that all staff use and it’s never been wrong. Hardware actually pop up on the site all the time and they have all materialized. It used to be a natural hint when we see something we don’t recognize on it and know that it is new hardware that will be shipping soon.

Not only did selling the iPhone 3G for $99 help Apple clear out old supply but it also helped get the device into the hands of even more consumers. Updating the $99 offering to the iPhone 3GS shows that Apple wants everyone to upgrade to the latest hardware, not just because they want to sell more units but because they want everyone on the same page in regards to hardware capabilities.

Update 8/13/09: The Boy Genius Report claims to have been in contact with “several Rogers dealers who have confirmed references to an 8GB 3GS coming and going from the system quite often in the past week.”

iPhone 3.0.1 ➝

iPhone Firmware 3.0.1

Apple today released firmware 3.0.1 for the iPhone. This update doesn’t appear to do anything other than fix the recently found SMS vulnerability. Apple has posted a support article regarding this security update.

And, for those of you interested, reports on Twitter are that it doesn’t break the tethering hack. So, unless you are jailbroken, feel free to hit “Check for Update” in iTunes.