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The iPhone 13 Pro Camera System ➝

Josh Ginter:

When Apple proclaims “the biggest advancement ever” for the iPhone’s camera system, it wreaks of hyperbole. Then they stated a 92% increase in low light performance on the ultra-wide camera. They followed that up with a 2.2x increase in low light performance in the oft-used wide angle camera.

And suddenly, I’m going “Holy moly.” Coming from an iPhone 12 mini, I expect my socks to be blown off with the 13 Pro Max camera system.

I don’t think people give the telephoto lens enough credit. Many say it’s their least used camera and not worth having. I was in the same shoes last year. But after a year without it, I’ve quickly realize the value of optical zoom beyond 1x.

I wouldn’t mind getting the iPhone 13 mini for the pocket-ability, but I just can’t lose the telephoto lens. I don’t use it too often, but when I need it, it’s clutch.

➝ Source: thenewsprint.co