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‘You’re Only as Good as the Last Thing You Did’ ➝

Joe Rossignol, writing for MacRumors:

In a new Fast Company interview alongside CEO Tim Cook, Apple services chief Eddy Cue acknowledged that technology companies are “only as good as the last thing” they did.

Meanwhile, for the Mac lineup, the average number of days since the last update is about 505.

Inside Apple’s Perfectionism Machine ➝

An outstanding piece by Lance Ulanoff for Mashable, including interviews with Phil Schiller and John Ternus, VP of Mac and iPad engineering.

Eddy Cue: ‘I Know I’m Not Allowed to Talk About the Phone but What the Hell — He Can’t Fire Me’ ➝

Jimi Famurewa, writing for the Evening Standard:

He taps his phone and makes an offhand comment about “trying not to get roaming charges” while in London which, I note, proves how insanely expensive phone calls and data can be abroad. “It’s sad, it’s another problem,” says Cue. “We’re trying to fix it and we’re making a little bit of progress but you’ve got to convince a lot of people.” It sounds like an impossible task. But that, you would imagine, is where the famous flair will come in.

Samantha Bielefeld Interviews Dean Murphy ➝

Developer of Crystal, Dean Murphy, when asked about his decision  to give up some level of control over his ad blocker’s whitelist:

I don’t possess the resources necessary to hand pick, and arbitrate what ads are acceptable. It would require making sure they meet a certain criteria, and I would have to then monitor the ads in order to ensure that standards had been met. It would also require me to form business relationships with advertising networks, etc. It would be a massive time sink and would involve a hell of a lot of work that would distract me from everything else. I’ve spoken to Eyeo, and they have many customers who support their vision. They have set a great standard for acceptable ads, and are backed by some sites that I truly admire.

I’d also suggest reading Dean Murphy’s sort-of FAQ about his partnership with Eyeo and what it means to Crystal users.

Twenty Minutes With Tim Cook ➝

While Tim Cook was in New York for his appearance on the Late Show, John Paczkowski was able to spend some time with him asking questions about privacy, the iPhone upgrade program, the future of computing, and more.

Bloomberg’s Full Interview with Tim Cook ➝

Discussing the Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and the changes Apple has gone through over the past few years.

Part Two of Charlie Rose’s Interview with Tim Cook ➝

Covering privacy, U2, human rights, and more.

Part One of Charlie Rose’s Interview with Tim Cook ➝

Apple Watch, the Beats acquisition, partnering with IBM, and more are discussed in this first of two parts of the interview. Tim had a difficult time when he was asked who Apple’s competitors are — Google was the only company he could came up with. And even when Charlie Rose suggested Samsung and Amazon, Tim didn’t seem nearly as interested in them as he was in Google. It’s very clear who Apple has in its crosshairs, everyone else is secondary.