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Apple: iPhone 5s Does Not Store Fingerprint Images ➝

Danny Yadron and Ian Sherr writing for the Wall Street Journal:

Apple’s new iPhone 5S, which comes with a fingerprint scanner, won’t store actual images of users’ fingerprints on the device[…] Rather, Apple’s new Touch ID system only stores “fingerprint data,” which remains encrypted within the iPhone’s processor, a company representative said Wednesday.

I’m still a bit skeptical and currently don’t plan on using the fingerprint scanner on my iPhone 5s. But, it does appear as though Apple has thought about the privacy concerns and took steps to mitigate them.

Apple Sues Samsung Electronics Over ‘Galaxy’ Phone, Tab ➝

Ian Sherr:

Apple Inc. sued Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. claiming the Korean electronics giant copied the look and feel of its popular iPhone smartphones and iPad tablet computers.

Samsung’s smartphones and tablets sure do look a lot like iPhones and iPads, but I don’t know if its worthy of a lawsuit. Seems a bit silly to me.

Papermaster’s Cultural Incompatibility ➝

The always well-informed Yukari Iwatani Kane and Ian Sherr, reporting for the Wall Street Journal:

Several people familiar with Mr. Papermaster’s situation said his departure was driven by a broader cultural incompatibility.

Mr. Papermaster had lost the confidence of Mr. Jobs months ago and hasn’t been part of the decision-making process for some time, these people said. They added that Mr. Papermaster didn’t appear to have the type of creative thinking expected at Apple and wasn’t used to Apple’s corporate culture, where even senior executives are expected to keep on top of the smallest details of their areas of responsibility and often have to handle many tasks directly, as opposed to delegating them.

Well, that explains it nicely. Papermaster failed with the iPhone 4 antenna but that wasn’t the only reason he got canned, just the straw that broke the camel’s back.