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HTC’s One A9 Commercial ➝

In the words of Biff Tannen, “There’s something very familiar about all this.”

The HTC One A9 Looks Familiar ➝

Remember when HTC was considered a top-tier handset manufacturer that was churning out unique smartphone designs? I guess those days are behind us as the company has found its true calling — selling iPhone knockoffs.

Ars Technica Goes Hands-on with HTC One M9 ➝

The other android smartphone announcement I paid attention to today was the HTC One M9. I like the design of the device a lot more than the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and I think keeping the design virtually unchanged from last year’s model was a smart idea. There isn’t much of a reason to build a drastically different phone design every single year. And, I think their industrial designers might be able to come up with more interesting design changes if they only need to do so once every two years.

HTC’s Real Customers ➝

John Gruber connects the dots on why HTC made the decision to lock the boot loader on the HTC One X for AT&T.

Why Didn’t Google Sue Apple Directly? ➝

Nilay Patel asks all the right questions regarding HTC’s patent infringement lawsuit against Apple.

HTC Announces MobileMe Competitor ➝

Thomas Ricker reporting for Engadget:

At the heart is HTCSense.com, a series of dashboard-connected services for backup, security, and control of your HTC handset. A new locate feature triggers the handset to ring loudly (even when set to silent) while flagging its location on an online map. If the phone was lost or stolen, owners can remote lock and/or wipe the phone. Backups will automatically archive your contacts, text messages, call history, customizations and data.

So, HTC has announced a MobileMe competitor and I only have one question: Why did HTC — not Google — do this?

Google May Launch a Chrome OS Tablet on November 26 ➝

Lee Mathews:

Yes, our source tells us that Google is building a Chrome OS tablet. It’s real, and it’s being built by HTC. No surprise there, since HTC churned out the Nexus One for Google.

Why hasn’t Google realized that Chrome OS is splitting their market into two groups, the manufacturers and customers that choose Chrome OS and those that choose Android.

Android has a lot of momentum at this point, don’t screw it up.

MG Siegler on the HTC EVO 4G ➝

MG Siegler:

is the EVO 4G an “iPhone Killer“? No way. Not even close. Does it have some advantages over the iPhone? Of course. But it has more disadvantages. And, in fact, this isn’t even the best Android phone I’ve tried. Both the Nexus One and the Droid Incredible are better.

Battery life sucks, the screen is too big, the camera is buggy, and the keyboard stinks. As much as people would like to think so, throwing every feature into one device, without taking enough time to develop them, usually makes for a terrible experience. There’s a reason Apple adds features at such a slow pace.