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Homescreen.me Introduces Track, Follow, and Notifications ➝

Préshit Deorukhkar, writing on Medium:

Ever wondered how your Homescreen has evolved over time? What if you could go back in time and see which apps you were using a month ago? Well, now you can.

You can now browse all your Past Homescreens on the site. All the screenshots that you’ve uploaded since you signed up here are available for your perusal. So go ahead, take a trip down memory lane.

This is the feature I’ve been most excited about since Homescreen.me relaunched in June. I expect the service will become my default upload location when I want to share my home screen.

But the team didn’t stop there, you can now follow your favorite users (like me) and receive email notifications when someone you follow posts a new screenshot.

Build, Get Rejected by Apple, Ship Anyway ➝

Préshit Deorukhkar, writing on Medium about Homescreen.me’s App Store rejection:

Apple executives explained to us that we cannot showcase a homescreen springboard image within the app — stating that the springboard was Apple’s IP and it was against Apple’s Brand guidelines.

The rejection was not only disappointing and heart-breaking for us, as we had put several months of hard work into the app, but we also found the reason very hard to believe.

It seems ludicrous that Apple would reject an app like this. But I’m glad the team didn’t let it stop them — they shipped a fully revamped version of the site instead.

I uploaded my iPhone home screen and Watch face to the service yesterday morning. I’m not sure if I’ll begin using this rather than just uploading a screenshot to Twitter, but I like the concept. And hopefully they’ll add support for iPad home screens soon.

But I have an additional feature request — home screen history. If I’m using the service regularly, I don’t want previous iterations of my home screen to disappear into the ether. What if, in addition to sharing your current home screen, Homescreen.me could serve as a personal historical record by saving all older uploads as well.

Préshit mentions that home screen histories was something the team set out to build for the native app and I really hope they’re working on it. That’s the one feature that would compel me to continue uploading to the service.

Update: Préshit mentioned me on Twitter noting that the ability to view older home screen uploads was already built into the iOS app. This makes their App Store rejection even more heartbreaking. But the good news is, version history is built into their backend now. And all that’s left is to integrate it into their frontend user interface — this feature’s going to be great.

iXyr Media Launches Homescreen.me ➝

The wonderful folks at iXyr Media (of Smoking Apples and Beautiful Pixels fame) have launched their third project entitled “Homescreen.me.” It’s a new site designed to help iOS device owners share their home screens online. It’s like First & 20 for the rest of us.

The site is invite-only at the moment, although you can look at many public profiles on the site (such as Milind Alvares, Preshit Deorukhkar, and Tinu Cleatus). I haven’t received an invitation yet, however I have thrown my email address at the form on the homepage.

Homescreen.me’s launch comes at an interesting time. Coincidentally I’m currently writing a detailed description of my current setup, it will end up being published as a two parter splitting my entertainment stuff into it’s own separate piece.