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Halo Effect ➝

Chris Ziegler reports on Engadget that Microsoft isn’t closing the door on Mac support for Windows Phone 7 Series.

Ziegler reveals that there are internal discussions at Microsoft about whether support for Windows Phone 7 Series will go beyond Windows.

I bought my first Mac in September 2006, it was a MacBook. One of the biggest reasons I purchased a Mac was because of my experience with my iPod. I received an iPod for Christmas the previous year and absolutely loved how simple and easy the iPod itself and iTunes was to use. Everything fit together seamlessly and I was incredibly curious to see how well the rest of Apple’s products worked. Needless to say, I was pleased.

If Microsoft wants to win back Windows users from the Mac, the best thing they could do is to announce support for Windows Phone 7 Series and the Zune HD on the Mac. I’ll openly admit that if the Zune desktop software was available for the Mac I would download and try it with an open mind.