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TomTom Apps Show Up in the App Store ➝

TomTom in the App Store

Earlier today the TomTom navigation applications went live in the New Zealand App Store, and later in the day went up in Australia and Europe. Checking the App Store just a few minutes ago in the US, I found all four of the main TomTom apps were available.

Although we are still waiting for the TomTom for iPhone Car Kit, these apps will likely be most interesting to those of you who already own some sort of car mount for your iPhone. Instead of buying the app now I’m going to wait for the release of the car kit (maybe buying the car kit will give me some sort of deal on the app itself).

TomTom for iPhone May Have September 22 Release Date
6/9/09: WWDC Keynote 2009
5/9/09: TomTom Rumored to be Hiring an iPhone Developer for Navigation App

Update 8/17/09: TomTom Says the Car Kit is Compatible with the iPod touch

Update 9/5/09: TomTom Car Kit Coming in October

Update 9/26/09: TomTom Car Kit Will Not Include App

TomTom for iPhone May Have September 22 Release Date ➝

TomTom for iPhone

Dutch site Bright.nl disclosed in a recent Tweet that TomTom was having a special media event on September 22.

The invitations distributed to local journalists say:

Dear Journalist,

“TomTom will reveal the future of navigation to you” on Tuesday, the 22nd of September (from 10:30 am until 2 pm) … Save the date!

More information to follow soon!

Warm regards,

The TomTom PR team!

Although there was no mention of the TomTom for iPhone kit in the invitation, many have speculated that the release of the kit could be one of the announcements.

Update 8/16/09: iPhoneclub.nl (Google Translated) is reporting that the TomTom for iPhone application has gone up on the New Zealand App Store. You must have your iTunes Store set to “New Zealand” before you will be able to view these apps but there are up.

Update 8/16/09: These applications have also shown up in the Australian and many of the European App Stores. In the European App Stores there is also a fifth more localized version of the TomTom navigation app for a lower price.

TomTom Rumored to be Hiring an iPhone Developer for Navigation App ➝

According to GPSreview.net TomTom is looking for an iPhone developer in Amsterdam to build a GPS navigation application for the iPhone. The job listing they are referencing, posted on JobServe, does not mention TomTom specifically but, TomTom is located in Amsterdam. I don’t know about you but I can’t think of another navigation company in Amsterdam.

From the job posting (in case it gets taken down):

IPhone Mac OS Developer AMSTERDAM Contract
Objective C and MAC OS. Amsterdam based technology company seeks an experienced MAC OS developer for project to develop iPhone applications relating to navigation software. You must be an experienced MAC OS Objective C freelancer available to work in the EU.
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Reference: JS/MAC C
Agency: GAP Associates
Contact: Steve Greenall
Salary/Rate: Top Amsterdam Rates
Start: May/June 2009
Duration: 6 months initially
Posted Date: 5/7/2009 11:55:01 AM

I’ve seen a demo of G-Map for iPhone 3.0 and it looks good. I’m hoping TomTom will be able to come up with something better (although I’m not sure what they could improve). One downside of this job listing is that it is May and if TomTom is just now hiring iPhone developers there is no way they are going to be ready for the launch of iPhone 3.0. That is disappointing.

Update 6/10/09: TomTom was on stage at the WWDC keynote confirming that they will be releasing an iPhone application and hardware accessory.