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Google Chrome to Phase Out Adobe Flash Later This Year ➝

Interestingly, I started using Google Chrome as a way to phase out Flash in 2010, upon the recommendation of John Gruber.

Google Chrome for Mac Now Available ➝

Google Chrome For Mac

Google Chrome for Mac is finally available. bookmark syncing, multi-touch gestures, and extension support are still missing but they will be available in a later version.

I’ve spent a few hours with the browser and I think the design is interesting but the occasional crash and odd web page behavior is not my idea of a good browsing experience.

My current default browser is Firefox. I would be using Safari but since it still doesn’t have an “open new windows in a new tab instead” option I’m stuck using Firefox. When I was using Google Reader (and now with Fever) hitting the “V” key (or the right arrow key in Fever’s case) opens the currently selected item. Using Firefox with the aforementioned option turned on, the item opens up in a new tab, but using Safari it opens in a new window. I think we all can agree that the best practice would be for it to  open in a new tab.