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Unread 2 Released ➝

A solid update to my favorite RSS app. They’ve moved to a subscription pricing model, which I hope means we’ll actually see a more consistent stream of new features going forward. But in this new version I’m ecstatic about the native support for saving links to read later services.

I follow some work-related feeds alongside my collection of Apple sites and personal weblogs. My workflow involves starring items from work related feeds and saving everything else to Instapaper, this keeps the two types of articles in different buckets that I can go through separately.

In the previous version of Unread, this workflow made my personal feed reading feel like a second class citizen. Starring was so much easier than saving to Instapaper because it didn’t require the additional tap of opening the share sheet. But in Unread 2, the save to Instapaper action sits alongside the starring action within the primary article menu.

➝ Source: golden hill software.com