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Glif by Studio Neat ➝

I purchased a Glif last week alongside a GorillaPod. I’ve wanted both of these for years and finally placed my order after Josh started crawling and pulling himself up on the furniture. It’s tough to wrangle a kid one handed while you’re recording video on your iPhone with the other.

But the Glif and GorillaPod let me setup my iPhone to record and then I have both hands available to catch him when he stumbles. I haven’t had these very long, but I’ve captured enough moments already that it was worth the price.

➝ Source: studioneat.com

The New Glif, a Tripod Mount for Smartphones ➝

From the Kickstarter page:

Almost 6 years ago, we launched the Glif, a tripod mount for the iPhone 4, on Kickstarter. The response to our campaign was incredible, and it allowed us to build our company, Studio Neat. Since then, we have released several updates to the Glif, but we are back where we started, on Kickstarter, to launch the best version yet.

I love the quick release mechanism and multiple tripod mount locations. This is such a brilliant piece of kit.