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Gawker Comment Accounts Hacked ➝

Matt Brian reporting for The Next Web:

Sensitive information has been exposed, including staff conversations, their private passwords used within the network and passwords also used by people who have registered to comment.

If you’ve ever registered to comment on Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Gawker, or any other Gawker Media website, your account is likely compromised. This is especially a problem for anyone who uses the same password for other websites. I strongly suggest changing your password on any website that shares the same password with Gawker Media.

Wired Reveals the People Involved in Sale of the Lost iPhone ➝

Law.com has revealed that Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has hired a criminal lawyer. I’m glad to hear that he’s finally taking this seriously. Chen’s lawyer says that he does not know if Chen is the target of the investigation or if they are trying to find information about his sources. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is saying that to protect his client.

What’s more interesting is that the finder of the iPhone prototype has been revealed. Wired has discovered the identity of the finder after following some social networking clues.

From the report on Wired:

Brian J. Hogan, a 21-year-old resident of Redwood City, California, says although he was paid by tech site Gizmodo, he believed the payment was for allowing the site exclusive access to review the phone. Gizmodo emphasized to him “that there was nothing wrong in sharing the phone with the tech press,” according to his attorney Jeffrey

Hogan says that he regrets not doing more to return the iPhone to Apple. Wired also reports that a friend of Hogan called AppleCare about the device and this is all that was done as an attempt to return the device. The iPhone was never returned to the bar and no other type of attempts were made.

In their report Wired also reveals that they were contacted to purchase the device, but not by Hogan. So there was a middleman, which leads me to believe that Hogan knew what he was doing was not only incredibly shady but also potentially illegal.

Gizmodo/iPhone Investigation Under Way ➝

Greg Sandoval reporting for CNET:

Apple has spoken to local police about the incident and the investigation is believed to be headed by a computer crime task force led by the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office, the source said. Apple’s Cupertino headquarters is in Santa Clara County, about 40 miles south of San Francisco.

I’m starting to think that Apple may not pursue a civil lawsuit against Gizmodo however California’s district attorney may file charges against them.

Greg Sandoval explains California’s law very simply:

dating back to 1872, any person who finds lost property and knows who the owner is likely to be but “appropriates such property to his own use” is guilty of theft. If the value of the property exceeds $400, more serious charges of grand theft can be filed. In addition, a second state law says that any person who knowingly receives property that has been obtained illegally can be imprisoned for up to one year.

It sounds like Gawker Media better get their lawyers on the phone.