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Apple Won’t Be Attending CES ➝

Ben Charny of the Wall Street Journal:

Apple plans to attend the show’s 2010 version, marking the first time in memory the Cupertino, Calif., consumer-electronics giant will be there.

This was stated as fact, but not only has there been zero rumors leading up to this (unless you count the ones from back in January, but most of them seemed to come from speculation) but the only sourcing in Charny’s article was a dinner he had with CEA’s Gary Shapiro and other journalists. It just so happens that another one of the journalists at that dinner was Ryan Block who wrote a piece in Engadget in response to Charny’s saying that Shapiro never said that Apple was going to be attending CES. Instead Shapiro said that if, hypothetically, Apple did want to attend CES “they might be able to come up with a small 2,000 square foot booth.”

Ben Charny has lost a great deal of credibility.

Update 7/30/09: In an attempt to salvage whatever credibility Ben Charny has left, his Wall Street Journal piece has been updated saying:

It is not clear whether Apple will attend the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. This post previously stated that Apple would attend.

Update 7/31/09: Jason Oxman, senior vice president of Industry Affairs for the CEA, has confirmed what we already know. While talking with MacUser, Oxman said:

Apple is a member of the trade association, but they are not signed up as an exhibitor for CES.

Update 8/3/09: Chris Nuttall, who also attended the dinner, has posted a transcript of the conversation.