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The New iPhone Could Come in Four Different Capacities ➝

$99 4GB iPhone, Fido

Engadget has heard from a “trusted” source that the new iPhone will be coming in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, or at least those capacities seem to have been approved by the PCS Type Review Certification Board. This standards body certifies handsets for use with some carriers, AT&T included.

Adding more validity to this rumor, a Boy Genius Report tipster took some pictures of Fido’s 2009 hardware lineup, which includes a $99 4GB iPhone. The Boy Genius hasn’t been able to confirm the information in the images so there is currently no reason to believe that they are real, other than the fact that they exist (the images that is).

The most interesting part of the Fido images is the listing of “Video Calling (iChat)” as a feature. Could that front facing camera finally be coming to the iPhone?

Update 6/3/09: The Green Room has posted a single image with a rundown of every 2009 iPhone rumor. A great reference for what to expect on Monday.

Update 6/6/09: Joseph Menn of the Financial Times says:

“Apple plans to introduce a cheaper version of its popular iPhone as soon as Monday, in a move that could dramatically increase the company’s share of the market for web-surfing devices, people familiar with the initiative said on Thursday.”

Update 6/10/09: Although the 4GB and video chat parts of this rumor were fake, there is now a $99 iPhone. WWDC Keynote 2009.