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EVGA to Stop Making Graphics Cards Altogether ➝

Tyler Wilde, writing for PC Gamer:

One of the most important makers of Nvidia-based graphics cards won’t be making them anymore: EVGA has decided not to produce video cards with Nvidia’s next generation of GPUs, the RTX 40-series, reports analyst Jon Peddie(opens in new tab). The news is even bigger than that, though: Speaking to Gamers Nexus(opens in new tab), EVGA CEO Andrew Han said that the California-based company isn’t just skipping the next generation of Nvidia chips, but will “completely stop” making graphics cards going forward.

Back in my PC building days of the early to mid-2000s, I always bought EVGA graphics cards. Based on what I’ve read about how Nvidia treats its partners, it’s not surprising, but it’s sad to see EVGA — a company that had such a prominent role in my early tech enthusiast days — getting out of the graphics card business.

➝ Source: pcgamer.com