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Spectrum Internet Is Getting Kicked Out of New York ➝

Ashley Carman, reporting for The Verge:

New York is officially kicking internet and cable provider Spectrum, aka Charter, out of the state after the company failed to deliver on its fast internet promises. The state required Spectrum to roll out high-speed internet across underserved rural areas when it merged with Time Warner Cable in 2016.

I live in upstate New York, in an area serviced by Spectrum. I have no idea what’s going to happen with this. Although my guess is that the state will work out some deal allowing them to continue operation after they pay the $3 million penalty.

I hope this will also encourage other companies to accelerate the rollout of fiber networks, though. Empire Access has been slowly deploying fiber in my area, but they don’t have any future plans to bring it to my neighborhood. I would really like that to change soon.