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Apple News Format Available for All Publishers ➝

Emily Jane Fox, reporting for Vanity Fair:

Apple News’s 40 million users are about to have a lot more articles to read. The iPhone maker announced Tuesday the launch of a new Web-based editing tool that will open its native iOS news platform to independent publishers of all sizes.

Since Apple launched the app in September, it has attracted more than 100 major publishers as partners, including this magazine’s Web site. What the new launch means is that anyone—from individual bloggers to smaller, independent news organizations—will be able to edit and deliver their stories, videos, galleries, and audio in the Apple News format, with Apple News’s reach.

I don’t plan on addopting the Apple News format for Initial Charge anytime soon. I’d rather take a “wait and see” approach. If it turns out to be a hit, I’m in, but I don’t expect that’ll be the case. At least, not with my audience.