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Medium Deprecates Custom Domains Service ➝


As of November 2017, Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. Instead, you can create a publication on Medium that will live on a medium.com/publication-name URL.

I don’t know why anyone would invest time and energy into a publishing platform that doesn’t support custom domain names. If you want to start writing for the web, do yourself a favor and just go with WordPress. Whether it be self-hosted or through WordPress.com, there will come a time when you will greatly appreciate the flexibility and portability offered by the platform.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

Apple Buys iCloud.com ➝

John Paczkowski:

Apple has indeed acquired the domain name iCloud.com from Sweden-based hybrid cloud computing outfit Xcerion.

In a potentially related note, Consomac.fr has discovered indications that Lion includes the ability to upgrade MobileMe to a new service called “Castle.”

I don’t mind the name “Castle” but hate the name “iCloud.” It’s more of a parody of an Apple product name than an actual Apple product name. But, I’m left wondering why they wouldn’t just stick with the name “MobileMe?” It’s a good name.