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Disney+ and Hulu Merging Into Single App, Beta Coming in December ➝

Merging the apps makes sense from a business standpoint — it will give them more opportunities to promote the subscriptions to users that only have one or the other.

But I suspect they will go beyond that — I’d take this as an early signal that Disney+ and Hulu’s existence as separate subscriptions isn’t long for this world. It seems inevitable that they’ll eventually be merged.

If you’re still paying for subscriptions like this, I’d suggest setting up a Plex server and spending the equivalent of a streaming subscription each month on purchased media — be it DVDs and Blu-rays to rip or digital downloads that you can strip the DRM from.

Start building up a library of content that you own to eventually opt out of this whole subscription nonsense.

➝ Source: macrumors.com

Disney Announces $12.99 Bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ ➝

This is a great price for all of these services, but I hope they offer a bundle with the ad-free version of Hulu. Maybe something like $18.99 a month? I can’t imagine moving from my existing Hulu plan to the bundle unless there is an ad-free option.

Details on Disney’s Streaming Service ➝

Peter Kafka, reporting for Recode:

Disney+ will launch in the US on November 12, for $7 a month. It will have a very large library of old Disney movies and TV shows — crucially, including titles from its Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars catalog — along with new movies and series made exclusively for the streaming service. It won’t have any ads. And it will allow subscribers to download all of that stuff, and watch it offline, whenever they want.

This is a great deal for a lot of excellent content. But the most important question for me: will Disney+ play nicely with Apple’s TV app?

Disney to End Netflix Deal and Launch Its Own Streaming Services ➝

Todd Spangler, reporting for Variety:

Disney is ending its distribution agreement with Netflix for new movie releases, while it’s also buying majority ownership of BAMTech — the streaming-video company founded by Major League Baseball — in a $1.58 billion deal.

The moves set a clear course for the media giant to launch Netflix-style direct-to-consumer internet services from ESPN and Disney. Disney said will end its distribution agreement with Netflix for subscription streaming of new movie releases, beginning with the 2019 theatrical slate.

I’m certain Netflix customers aren’t happy about the service losing a major content provider, but I think this is the right move for Disney. They own the rights to a massive library filled with high quality video content — they’d be foolish for not building their own streaming service. It’s kind of amazing that they hadn’t built one already.

(Via Nick Heer.)

The Disney Infinity Game Series Has Been Discontinued ➝

We found out in March that Disney had no plans to continue updating the Apple TV version of the game. This was widely thought of as a bad sign for Apple TV gaming as a whole. But perhaps it was simply foreshadowing the collapse of Disney’s self-published game department.

No Further Updates Planned for Disney Infinity on Apple TV ➝

Carter Dotson, reporting for TouchArcade:

This is some disheartening news for Apple TV gaming. Disney said recently in a customer support reply that “there are currently no plans for futher updates to the Apple TV version” of Disney Infinity 3.0. […] So, unless something changes, if you bought Play Sets for the Apple TV version of the game, there’s no guarantee that any of them will work in the future, and some figures might not even work at all.

Perhaps they jumped in a little too soon with an ambitious game like this.

Disney Presses Apple to Carry More Channels on Internet TV Service ➝

What a shocker — Disney wants Apple to purchase more of its content and Apple wants a more attractive price point. Is anyone surprised by this?

Disney Launches ‘Movies Anywhere’ Service ➝

As a lunch promotion Disney is offering The Incredibles to users who link their iTunes account to the service.