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Warner Bros. Introduces HD-DVD to Blu-ray Trade in Program ➝

All of those upset HD-DVD owners that chose the wrong format now have a shoulder to cry on. Although that shoulder will cost them $11.90 per disc it is still cheaper than buying new media at Wal-Mart.

Warner Bros. is now allowing HD-DVD owners to send in their Warner Bros. HD-DVD titles and they will send back Blu-ray copies of those movies. The cost is just $4.95 per title plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

The whole process from sending them in to receiving your new Blu-ray discs takes about a month but I’m sure many early adopters would rather wait a month than have obsolete discs.

This is the first program of its kind and I would like to see similar programs crop up with other movie studios. But, then again, I guess I don’t understand why everyone is unwilling to just buy an Apple TV and make it easier on themselves.

Downloads are so much easier than discs.