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DirecTV Now, Four Months Later ➝

Eric Schwarz, in a follow up to his piece from several months ago, on DirecTV Now:

The big issues that had me looking at alternatives were reasonably fixed after the first month or month and a half. Streaming had been almost flawless and there was a brief stretch where frame rates and resolutions were dropped on some channels, but that’s appears back to normal levels.

Next, the service has added quite a few other network app logins, so this mitigates the poor on-demand library by letting you just use someone else’s app. The lineup is getting more extensive and if the app in questions offers a live stream, that’s an easy way around the two-stream limit with the DirecTV Now app.

Early Thoughts on DirecTV Now ➝

Eric Schwarz:

I sort of see the product as a public beta right now. It’s mostly complete, but with the amount of excitement and emphasis that AT&T is putting on it, they’d be morons not to tweak it a bit these first few months. By offering a discounted rate and free devices to early adopters, the risk is pretty low.

The thought of paying $35 or more each month for a streaming media service seems outrageous to me. Between the WWE Network and Hulu, I currently only pay $23 a month. What has me interested in the service, though, is the free devices they offer. The way I see it, if I pre-pay for three months of DirecTV Now, I’m essentially paying $105 for an Apple TV and getting the service for free. That’s a great deal even if I never launch the DirecTV app and cancel before it auto-renews.