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Smarthouse: ‘Apple TV to Come in Three Sizes’ ➝

David Richards:

Apple will launch their new Apple TV in time for the last quarter of 2012, with sources in Japan telling SmartHouse that 3 sizes are being planned including a 32″ model and a 55″ model.

(Via CNET.)

HTC Prototyping Chrome OS Tablet ➝

David Richards writing for Smarthouse:

HTC, who have been working closely with Google for the past 18 months have several working models of a touch tablet including one model, is based on the new Google Chrome Operating System say sources.

If HTC is indeed working on a tablet, I would have no doubt that one of their prototypes is running Chrome OS. Given HTC’s close relationship with Google, in regards to Android, I would imagine they would have put Chrome OS on a tablet, at least just to… well, prototype it.

Google Officially Demos Chrome OS