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Using Shortcuts and Data Jar to Help Write Link Posts ➝

Chris Hannah, writing about saving articles that he plans to link to on his site:

So I came up with an idea of two shortcuts, one to store relevant data about the article I wanted to reference, and then another which I could use to select from the list and kick off a draft in iA Writer.

That’s when I thought about using the recently released data store app, Data Jar, which is a fantastic tool for storing all kinds of data.

This whole setup is more complex than I expect I’d ever want and it doesn’t really fit into my writing workflow. I save articles to Instapaper as I find them and then read through my queue when I have time. But linking to articles is part of the reading process — I don’t distinguish between the two. If I want to link to an article I’m reading, I do it right then and there.

But this is such a testament to how powerful and versatile Shortcuts is — it gives folks like Chris the ability to build workflows that wouldn’t be possible without it. And I’m glad that’s the case.

➝ Source: blog.chrishannah.me