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Is RSS Just Giving Your Site Away for Free? ➝

Matt Birchler, referencing a recent CSS-Tricks article on whether having an RSS feed is giving your content away for free:

It all comes down to what you want more, people to read your articles or people to click on your articles. If you write to pay the bills and you need ad revenue to put food on the table, go for it, I get it. If you run a business that needs revenue to pay your writers, I get that too! But if you’re a solo writer doing it for fun (and either zero or little money) then I’d really think twice about restricting your RSS feed in any way.

Absolutely. Unless you’re making a serious amount of money from ads, there’s little reason to restrict how readers access your content. And that additional freedom that RSS provides helps build trust with your readership — they won’t feel like they need to jump through hoops to read your site and will respect you more because of it.

➝ Source: birchtree.me