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Samantha Bielefeld Interviews Dean Murphy ➝

Developer of Crystal, Dean Murphy, when asked about his decision  to give up some level of control over his ad blocker’s whitelist:

I don’t possess the resources necessary to hand pick, and arbitrate what ads are acceptable. It would require making sure they meet a certain criteria, and I would have to then monitor the ads in order to ensure that standards had been met. It would also require me to form business relationships with advertising networks, etc. It would be a massive time sink and would involve a hell of a lot of work that would distract me from everything else. I’ve spoken to Eyeo, and they have many customers who support their vision. They have set a great standard for acceptable ads, and are backed by some sites that I truly admire.

I’d also suggest reading Dean Murphy’s sort-of FAQ about his partnership with Eyeo and what it means to Crystal users.

Ad Blocker Crystal Allowing Ad Networks to Pay to be Whitelisted ➝

I do think ad blockers should show “good” ads by default, but I’m uncomfortable with the developer accepting payments from the whitelisted ad networks.

What Mobile Ad Blocking Looks Like in the Real World ➝

Riffing off of Dean Murphy’s recent piece, Owen Williams tested various web pages with and without Crystal — an iOS 9 ad blocking extension — and published side-by-side video comparisons of the results. It’s one thing to see the drastic difference in page load times depicted on a graph, it’s another to see it in a real world context. The iMore example is particularly outrageous, but most of these publishers should just be embarrassed.

Benchmarking the Web with an iOS 9 Ad Blocker ➝

Dean Murphy:

2 months ago I wrote about what I accomplished in an hour with Safari Content Blocker. What started off as a one page experiment has since evolved into a full product I’ve worked non-stop on over the past 60 days. I thought it would be a good idea to revisit my original post with Crystal, to show how different the mobile web will be with content blockers.

Using his ad blocker, Crystal, the tested web pages loaded 74% faster and used 53% less bandwidth. That’s an incredible improvement. I hope online publishers are ready because ad blockers are about to get a lot more popular.