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Apple in Discussions with AMD ➝

While everyone is still mulling over the fourth generation iPhone leak, I’ve had some time to look through my backlog of news. Three days ago AppleInsider reported that Apple is in discussions to adopt AMD chips.

AppleInsider’s sources claim to have seen AMD executives on their way out of meetings at Apple’s campus. Regarding the reasoning behind Apple’s move from Intel, AppleInsider writes:

It is believed that Apple is working with AMD to expand its potential sources for CPUs in order to increase its flexibility and broaden its competitive options, but also likely in response to problems it has encountered with Intel. These issues include limited availability of new processors (which is rumored to have slowed Apple’s notebook refreshes) as well as new chipset designs imposed by Intel that have blocked the Mac maker’s plans to continue a partnership with NVidia to deliver a standardized chipset for use with its Intel processors across all of its consumer computer offerings.

Expanding their CPU sources is the most interesting reason behind this move. It means that Intel will have to compete with AMD for Apple’s attention which, if true, means that Apple will be able to get faster chips for less money per unit. I just hope that lower cost to Apple translates to even faster macs at the same cost to the consumer.