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Battery Tests Find No iPhone 6s ‘Chipgate’ Problems ➝

Mike Gikas, writing for Consumer Reports:

A number of websites recently created a stir with reports of a potential shortcoming of the iPhone 6s smartphones. According to those “chipgate” reports, the battery life on iPhone 6s models with an A9 central processing unit made by Samsung is worse than the battery life on models with a CPU made by TSMC. The phones with the Samsung chip also run hotter, the reports claim, than the phones with the chip made by TSMC.

While Consumer Reports’ tests had confirmed that the battery life on the 6s and 6s Plus is slightly shorter than that on the iPhone 6, they had not addressed the chipgate rumors. So, much like they did for last year’s “bendgate,” our engineers developed a special protocol to test this apparent issue. Those tests simulate real-world usage as opposed to relying on the benchmarks used by other organizations in their off-the-shelf tests.

The real-world testing setup they created found much smaller differences in battery life between devices with different chip manufacturers.

Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference ➝

Jim Dalrymple reporting for The Loop:

Apple on Wednesday invited select press to a special press conference to be held this Friday in California.

Apple would only say that the press conference would be regarding the iPhone 4. No other information was available when I spoke with them tonight.

This antenna issue has been gaining an incredible amount of momentum ever since Consumer Reports decided that they couldn’t recommend the handset. Apple needed to respond before things got too out of hand and they’ve made the right decision to hold this press conference before their quarterly conference call on Tuesday.

What exactly will happen at the press conference remains to be seen. And, there is no lack of speculation about it either. The speculation ranges from Apple issuing a full recall of iPhone 4 to simply offering free bumpers to iPhone 4 owners.

Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz has heard reports from readers that Apple has already started building the iPhone 4 slightly differently, increasing the size of the proximity sensor and applying some sort of coating to the metal band around the device. Jesus Diaz is now maintaining a continually updating piece on Gizmodo with reports from readers who have had their iPhone 4’s replaced.

Ananiadis Vasilis writing for iPhoneHellas cites a “reliable” source who told them that Apple will be releasing iOS 4.0.1 today that will include the new signal strength indicator for the iPhone.

I think tomorrow’s press conference will bring a sigh of relief to the majority of iPhone 4 owners. There will still be plenty of complainers, but I think Apple will do what they need to do — admit that their antenna wasn’t up to snuff and give away free bumpers in the form of $29 Apple Store credits to all current iPhone 4 owners. I suspect Apple will announce that they have made changes to iPhone 4 that will alleviate this problem for future buyers. I also expect Apple to point out that they have released a software fix that will not only change the way signal is indicated but will also optimize the radio hardware in hopes of making the antenna issue happen on much rarer occasions.

Consumer Reports on iPhone 4 ➝

Consumer Reports has finished testing the iPhone 4 and has decided that they cannot recommend it because of it’s reception problems.

They tested three iPhone 4s and several other AT&T phones in a radio frequency isolation chamber with a base-station emulator. None of the other phones tested experienced the same signal-loss problems that the iPhone 4 did.

Interestingly Consumer Reports rates the iPhone 4 at the top of the heap among other recently released high-end handsets but cannot recommend the device because of signal issues — signal issues that many iPhone 4 users will never notice with regular use.

If iPhone 4’s signal issues were substantial enough to force Consumer Reports to be unable to recommend the device, why wasn’t it a big enough deal to knock it off the top of the heap in their rankings?