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Swift as an Introductory Programming Language ➝

Computer science professor, Aaron Block:

Every language has its pros can cons and rather than giving you a giant spreadsheet of how each language stacks against Swift, I want to give you a few examples of where Swift really shines in an intro class.

I’ve always been interested in computer programming, but there’s always been something in my way preventing me from learning. I taught myself how to build rudimentary text-based games on my TI-83+ in high school — mostly as a means of telling jokes — but that was a brief period before I fell in love with writing about computers.

My interest in programming hasn’t subsided, but the amount of free time available to me has diminished over the years. Aaron makes a great case for Swift as a first language and if I ever find myself with enough time to learn I’ll certainly look at Swift first.

(Via Guy English.)