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Meet the New Logitech ➝

From Logitech’s press release:

Today Logitech revealed its biggest brand transformation in its history. Building on its heritage as a technology company, Logitech has placed design at its core. It is crafting a portfolio of products that go beyond PC peripherals, to products that have a place in every aspect of your daily life. This brand reflects the company’s reinvention, with a colorful new attitude and a re-imagined logo. You’ll even see a new label for our latest product categories: Logi.

I was a huge fan of Logitech products when I was building my own desktop computers and using Windows as my primary operating system. I used their mice, keyboards, speakers, and gaming controller. But times have changed and, aside from their Harmony Remotes, I haven’t purchased a Logitech product in nearly a decade. I doubt this rebranding is going to change that, but at least they’re trying.