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The Future of Code Editor ➝

From Panic’s Weblog:

Code Editor — originally called “Diet Coda” then later “Coda for iOS” — was our powerful and full-featured iOS editor for developers. Introduced in 2012, it was packed with innovation, like our “Super Loupe” designed to make iOS cursor placement more precise — even fun, and an “iPad Preview” that let you use your iPad as a dedicated website preview screen long before Sidecar. The goal was to make a great code editor for iOS that anyone could use on-the-go.

Unfortunately, like Transmit iOS and Status Board before it, we’re discontinuing Code Editor as it doesn’t generate enough revenue to cover its continued development.

This is pretty disappointing. I’ve long considered Coda (now Code Editor) to be one of the best applications on iOS and something you could point to as an example of an application built for “real work”.

I wrote Initial Charge’s WordPress theme in Code Editor and still use it regularly for file management over FTP and for developing various tools for my sites. I’ll continue using it for as long as I can — at least until I find a replacement. But I’m just not sure if there is any alternative that has the same level of polish that Code Editor has.

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but this is yet another example of why Apple needs to open up the platform. Not just so developers can explore other options for monetization, but to loosen up the arbitrary restrictions on what is even possible on the platform. How many apps like Code Editor do we have to lose before Apple wakes up?

➝ Source: panic.com