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Naming ‘The Tablet’

There is some question as to what Apple will actually call their upcoming tablet device. Much like with the introduction of the iPhone, no one is exactly sure what Apple will name it.

There have been many rumored names (e.g. Slate, iPad, iSlate, iTab). And, there are also many speculated names (e.g. Canvas, iBook, Easel).

But before the iPhone was announced, all of the rumor sites were calling it “the iPhone,” and guess what? Apple decided to unveil their handset under the name “iPhone.”

I tweeted a couple of weeks ago pointing out that John Gruber had been calling it “The Tablet” in all of his writings, he replied simply stating:

I totally and completely made up “The Tablet”. Needed something to call it before it’s announced. That is all.

I believe that he doesn’t actually know what the device will be called — he spent the last week speculating about what the name might be (he tweeted his bets on January 22).

What if we’re spending all this time speculating on a name that has already been decided? Apple will unveil the device on Wednesday under the name “The Tablet.”Not just because it is the most simple and obvious name, but because we’ve already become accustomed to calling it that. Why would Apple go against the grain after months, maybe even years, of rumors that referred to it as “The Tablet”?