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Browsers Should Have No Default Search Engine ➝

Greg Morris:

It’s not just google, I don’t agree that any company should be the default, I believe that customer should be given the choice with transparent information about the different approaches.

What if, when you first launched Safari on a new device (or first launched any browser, for that matter), you were presented with a handful of search engine options. That would give you the option to choose what search engine you’d prefer — there would be no default.

This certainly wouldn’t solve all of our problems. Google would still be, by far, the most popular search engine. But not having a default and introducing awareness to users that there are other options would be a huge step in the right direction.

➝ Source: gr36.com

Safari Technology Preview 58 ➝

This release includes new features that will be shipping in Safari 12 later this year, including icons in tabs and automatic strong passwords.

One thing of note for web designers is that, after enabling icon tabs in the app’s settings, it looks like the browser defaults to using the website’s “mask-icon” for this feature. These icons were previously only used for pinned tabs and are limited to a single color.

But if you remove your website’s mask-icon entirely, Safari will fallback to displaying the site’s full color favicon instead. And there doesn’t appear to be any downside to removing a site’s mask-icon because this new version of Safari will display favicons for pinned tabs as well.

Opera Browser Sold to a Chinese Consortium for $600 Million ➝

I was a huge fan of Opera in the mid-2000s, but I probably haven’t touched the browser in over five years. I’m not surprised they had to sell — the writing’s been on the wall for a while. There just isn’t much room for them when Chrome and Firefox make up nearly 90% of the market.

Firefox 3.5 Now Available ➝

Firefox 3.5 Download

I just downloaded Firefox 3.5 on both of my computers and am very happy with it. It does feel significantly faster than the previous version but didn’t blow me away quite like Safari 4 did.

When I upgraded only two of my six current extensions were compatible. So, even if you are anxious to get your hands on the latest version make sure your essential extensions are compatible with 3.5 before upgrading.

Update 6/30/09: Mozilla has already over one million downloads of Firefox. Mozilla has also launched a real time Firefox download tracker so users can watch as downloads occur.