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Shaarli, a Database Free, Self-Hosted Bookmarking Service ➝

I started using this last night as a self-hosted replacement for Instapaper. I didn’t really need a read later service as much as I needed a relatively quick way to save links for processing later — links that I plan to share here on Initial Charge or on mike.rockwell.mx, videos on YouTube to watch later, and so on.

Shaarli’s default theme is more than a little rough, but I’ve installed the Material theme, which is a significant improvement. And there’s even an app that adds a share sheet extension on iPhone and iPad for quickly adding links.

I’ll still need to sort out my workflows for processing the saved links — I’m not sure if I’ll load Shaarli in my browser or subscribe to my install’s feed in an RSS client that syncs read/unread states over iCloud. But I’m excited.

I’ve been looking for a self-hosted tool for this part of my workflow ever since I started this endeavor, but kept hitting dead ends. Everything I found required the use of Docker or had installation instructions that were a bit over my head. Shaarli, though, was just a matter of dropping the files on my web server, loading the URL in my browser, and creating an account.

➝ Source: github.com