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Regarding Free Trials in the App Store ➝

Becky Hansmeyer:

Apple could make this a heck of a lot easier on everyone by allowing for time-limited free trials. There could be a simple list in Settings of all the trial apps you’ve downloaded, and how much time you have remaining on each. When a trial expires, maybe you’d see a pop-up when you launched the app asking if you’d like to buy or delete it. If you chose to delete it and later returned to its App Store page, there would no longer be a trial option.

Developers could choose from some pre-set trial lengths, and trials in general would be completely optional. It would take a lot of work on Apple’s end to do this—to bolt this on to the App Store’s crusty old backend. But holy cow would it be helpful for folks like me!

Letting applications with subscription pricing offer free trials was a huge step forward for the platform, but I think the option should have been available for traditionally priced apps years ago. But based on the improvements we’ve seen since Phil Schiller took over the App Store, I don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer.

‘My Last Mac’ ➝

Becky Hansmeyer:

Here’s the thing, though. I replace my computer every five years. Five years is an incredibly long upgrade cycle in the world of technology. This post isn’t about the quality of the Mac declining, but rather the quality of iOS improving. I’m making a bet that by the time I’m ready to buy a new computer, the iPad Pro is going to be able to do everything that I need it to do, including run Xcode. And if there’s a few little things that it still can’t do, I’m betting this 2016 MacBook Pro will still be chugging along in 2021.

I bet she’s right. I think the majority of computer users could already get by just fine with only an iPad. And the rest of us geeks aren’t too far behind.